Logging Teaching Time

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The process of becoming a Baptiste certified instructor is a long process (as it should be). Now that I have Level One and Art of Assisting under my belt (and I've registered for Level Two next year), I'm working away at the requirement of 100 classes taught since completing Level One.

This is going to be a longer process for me than I originally realized. I was hoping that the classes I'd taught prior to Level One would count, but it makes sense that my teaching methods have changed since Level One and how I was teaching early on doesn't count towards Baptiste certification.

I've started keeping records of post Level One teaching in a Google spreadsheet, (outside of what I record in my Yoga Alliance teaching history) in order to keep my post Level One teaching data accurate.

When I travel, I have committed to myself that I will record an asana sequence each time I travel and publish them to the web for sharing. Doing this will keep me accountable to maintaining my practice when I travel and to sharing my practice with others.

It is difficult for me to pick up teaching times at the local studios where I practice, simply because my job requires me to travel often and not on a regular schedule. I can't be on the schedule at a studio for any other days than Saturday and Sunday. I'd love to teach early morning classes on both of those days, but I know that I will have a scheduling conflict sooner or later and need a sub to cover the class. The dilemma is how to make a space in our home a yoga room where I could teach and log teaching hours without having to rely on awesome timing to pick up a sub class here and there.

I know what I must do, it is the getting down to it that is daunting (but necessary). Knowing what I want is only part of the equation. Transforming desire into action is where the rubber meets the road.

Why Hurry Through - 60 minute Baptiste Inspired Power Vinyasa

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Here is an audio recording of a recent 60 minute Baptiste inspired power vinyasa yoga class I taught at Comes The Dawn in Tampa, FL. The reading I chose was "Why Hurry Through" from Melody Beattie's Journey To The Heart.


You Deserve a CTRL+BREAK Today. 60 Minute Baptiste Inspired Power Vinyasa Audio Video Recording

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Here is the second Jen Tech Video (yes, I know it has taken me a full calendar year to publish the second video). Stay tuned for the third in the series. Video in the can, audio track nearly done.

Audio only also uploaded to Bandcamp and Mixcloud!