Speakeasy Yoga - Dayton OH

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Speakeasy Yoga is located a block North of the Oregon Historic District in Dayton OH. The studio is simply gorgeous. The lobby is decorated in large velvet couches, an upright piano and TONS of natural lighting.

The studio area is upstairs and has so much natural lighting coming the room, it's truly beautiful with the exposed brick beams and antique lighting fixtures.  The class I took was heated and was seemed to me to be Baptiste inspired even though they're not an affiliate studio. I did some googling and found a teacher who used to teach at Speakeasy who was a Baptiste yogi, so I went to Speakeasy based on that connection. I was not disappointed. The class was great and I got to check out a very cool area of Dayton while I was there on business. I'd definitely go back again if I'm back in Dayton for any reason!

I love the look of the logo and imagery for Speakeasy Yoga. Someone put a lot of time and thought into how they wanted the graphic design for the studio to speak to it being a different space. Whoever thought up having coasters as "business cards" for the studio is a genius. They're so cool I can't bear to actually use them!

BIG Power Yoga - Denver CO & Houston TX

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I've been lucky enough to catch a few classes at BIG Power Yoga's Denver location when I've been in town for work projects. The studio is amazing, the teachers are fantastic and practicing at a mile high elevation after living at sea level in Tampa is NO JOKE. Whew!

I finally made it to a class led by Nick Zogg (he worked the tech desk at my Level One program) when I got invited to an HPE event in Houston. I jumped at the opportunity for multiple reasons, one of which was that I could take a class at Big Power Yoga Houston (the Memorial location). So goooood!! Lots of parking, good restaurants next to the yoga studio. Totally worth the cost of the Uber trip to get there and back!

Hot Spot Power Yoga - Jacksonville FL

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Hot Spot Power Yoga is where I completed the Art of Assisting and Advanced Art of Assisting Baptiste Programs. This photo is from the AoA with Brooke Hamblet (from Indigo Yoga - Fort Worth TX). The studio is owned and operated by Leah & Jon Hansen (who are simply amazing people). They had a run in with a hurricane a few years back and had to refurbish one of the studios that got damaged, but now they're back up and operating stronger than ever with 3 locations - San Marco, Harbor Village and Baymeadows!

I even made it into the Instagram of HSPY during the AAoA class led by Luca Richards! So excited!!

Southern Om Hot Yoga - Greenville SC

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I squeezed in a class at Southern Om Hot Yoga in Greenville SC on a business trip and I even bought a tank top from their super cute boutique. It reads "I'm only in it for the lavender towel" - love it! Southern Om has many Baptiste inspired classes throughout their schedule and maybe you'll be lucky enough to drop into one of their classes like I did. Joan was my teacher for that class and I remember the class being wonderful!

Baptiste Power Yoga Silicon Valley - Palo Alto CA

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In Silicon Valley for a business trip - and the new Baptiste Power Yoga Silicon Valley was open for business so I drove well out of my way from Milpitas to see their studio and take in a practice. The orange mural on the front facing wall is simply gorgeous! I asked about it and apparently the mural was done by the same artist that painted the studio at Baptiste Power Yoga in San Francisco.

The class was fantastic and I love that the studio doesn't list who the teacher is that is leading each class - instead they just encourage you to come to class and take your Journey Into Power. Love that concept! The floor is a padded type floor with a wood grain design (it's really beautiful!) and there is lots of parking. They're right next to an Orange Theory Fitness and undoubtedly they will get some spillover from the OTF student population. Again I was surprised to find a friend of mine from many trainings was there as a student in the same class I was taking (small world). It was great to see Kimberly unexpectedly. Community = Baptiste Yoga

Breath and Body Yoga - Austin TX

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I was born as a Baptiste yogi at Breath and Body Yoga in Austin Texas. I've written about my experiences on the mat at BBY many times over the years. It is safe to say that if I had chosen some other yoga studio for my first class, it is likely I would not have continued practicing and I certainly wouldn't have sought to become a yoga teacher. Every teacher I had the good fortune to work with at BBY has touched my life profoundly.

BBY has moved locations from the Burnett Road studio where I was born, but regardless of their street address, they are a space of love and healing in Austin Texas.

Warrior One - Orlando Dunedin Winter Springs Oviedo FL

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I made the drive up to Orlando to catch Millie teaching a big fundraiser class for the Africa Yoga Project and it was an amazing thing to witness (as expected). I took her in-studio class the day before and went to the fundraiser class to take photos. Warrior One in Orlando & Dunedin are the nearest Baptiste Affiliate yoga studios to where I live in Tampa, but they're not close enough for me to make that drive to them on a regular basis.

I've been to the Dunedin location once to take a class taught by my friend Cameron and her class was great! The traffic on the bridges getting there however, was pure evil. I left with plenty of time and then saw my ETA creep closer and closer to the class start time as the traffic backed up.

If you live in Orlando or anywhere near Dunedin,  please, please - GO - and check out the magic they're making in these cities.

Power Yoga Canada - Etobicoke Ontario

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Flew to Toronto for my birthday weekend & naturally had to stop in at Power Yoga Canada Etobicoke. There are SO MANY yogis I know and love from PYC. I wish I could've seen them all while I was in town, but taking Courtney's class & seeing Bella again was totally worth it.

Such an amazing turnout for early morning weekend yoga. The yogis at PYC are 10000% dedicated and OMG it's so good to be able to drop in and experience that firsthand.

Minnesota Power Yoga - Minnesota MN

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Had a quick trip to Minnesota and obviously I had to make time to get to Minnesota Power Yoga. I surprised my friend Katrina by showing up for her class unannounced (!). The space is beautiful and she's a great teacher. She led us through the 'drishti' class that night and it was a joy to experience with her as the teacher.

Core Energy - Overland Park (Kansas City) MO

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The trip I made to Kansas City MO was to see Emo Philips do his standup routine BUT my friend Nick had a car and was down to yoga at Core Energy (he was in the middle of his 40 Days program at The Yoga Factory). I didn't research who taught at the studio so I was pleasantly surprised to see familiar faces! Amy & Mariana were there and Mariana was the teacher for the class Nick and I were about to take!

So good, so sweaty, such fun! Mariana is a KILLER TEACHER and if you live nearby, you should totally go take her class! The studio is awesome. Lots of parking, mat storage for the regular yogis and a nice lobby to chill in before/after class.

Cary Flow Yoga - Cary NC

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A team meeting brought me to Cary, North Carolina and I was lucky enough to have time to take a class at Cary Flow Yoga. My teacher that day was the owner Colin & the class was exactly what I needed. The space is big and bright and it would totally be my home studio if I lived near Cary.

Epic Yoga - Brentwood (Nashville) TN

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Had a pitstop in Nashville a few years back & was able to book a flight that got me into town with just enough time to get to Epic Yoga and take Caleb's class.  It was freaking GREAT!

Going straight from airport to yoga studio is the only way to travel - especially for work! <3 p="">
The studio is on the second floor of a shopping center, so there's plenty of parking.

Baptiste Power Yoga - St Louis MO

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I'm in St. Louis for work quite often. As a result, I've checked out BlueBird Yoga (closer to the office but parking is tricky!), Yoga Six (awesome shower facilities!) and then I found Metro Power Yoga - who have now become a Baptiste Affiliate studio - Baptiste Power Yoga St. Louis !!

The studio has ample parking and has awesome early morning yoga classes so I can get Journey Into Power into my morning before the work day starts.


Shakti Yoga - Key West FL

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I was in Key West for a hot second a couple years ago. I scouted out two different yoga studios before getting into town, but Shakti Yoga Key West was so good, I went twice in one day. The studio was packed out for a weekend (10am?) class. I could tell that the students there were friends, regulars, a community of yogis. It was wonderful! They're not a Baptiste Affiliate but the class was good and the community vibe was strong.

Bright Heart Yoga Studio - Cupertino CA

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I can't recall exactly when I discovered that there was a Baptiste Affiliate studio in San Jose. I'd been traveling to San Jose for years, did a few searches for yoga studios, tried a few out, didn't get what I was looking for.... Then one day, I looked again for "Baptiste Yoga San Jose" and "Bright Heart Yoga Studio" came up in my search! BOOM. I'm there ASAP.

I've had rideshares pick me up from customer sites, drop me off at Bright Heart with my suitcase in tow - they're THAT GOOD.

Every single teacher at this studio is amazing. Community. LOVE.

Palm Power Yoga - Punta Gorda, FL

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Palm Power Yoga is a lovely studio 100 miles south of where I live in Tampa. It is run and owned by my dear friend Deb Brooks. She has completed Level One, Level Two, Art of Assisting, Advanced Art of Assisting, and Art of True North Alignment with Baptiste Yoga.   Debra recently completed an additional 100 hrs training (Level Three with Baptiste Yoga). I was lucky enough to share the Level Three experience with her.

Palm Power Yoga is located in Punta Gorda, FL; equidistant between Fort Myers and Venice, FL, nestled in the nook of Gasparilla Sound near Port Charlotte, FL. If you have vacation plans for anywhere near Fort Myers or Venice, I highly recommend stopping in and experiencing a class at Debra's studio.