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I made the drive up to Orlando to catch Millie teaching a big fundraiser class for the Africa Yoga Project and it was an amazing thing to witness (as expected). I took her in-studio class the day before and went to the fundraiser class to take photos. Warrior One in Orlando & Dunedin are the nearest Baptiste Affiliate yoga studios to where I live in Tampa, but they're not close enough for me to make that drive to them on a regular basis.

I've been to the Dunedin location once to take a class taught by my friend Cameron and her class was great! The traffic on the bridges getting there however, was pure evil. I left with plenty of time and then saw my ETA creep closer and closer to the class start time as the traffic backed up.

If you live in Orlando or anywhere near Dunedin,  please, please - GO - and check out the magic they're making in these cities.


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