Speakeasy Yoga - Dayton OH

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Speakeasy Yoga is located a block North of the Oregon Historic District in Dayton OH. The studio is simply gorgeous. The lobby is decorated in large velvet couches, an upright piano and TONS of natural lighting.

The studio area is upstairs and has so much natural lighting coming the room, it's truly beautiful with the exposed brick beams and antique lighting fixtures.  The class I took was heated and was seemed to me to be Baptiste inspired even though they're not an affiliate studio. I did some googling and found a teacher who used to teach at Speakeasy who was a Baptiste yogi, so I went to Speakeasy based on that connection. I was not disappointed. The class was great and I got to check out a very cool area of Dayton while I was there on business. I'd definitely go back again if I'm back in Dayton for any reason!

I love the look of the logo and imagery for Speakeasy Yoga. Someone put a lot of time and thought into how they wanted the graphic design for the studio to speak to it being a different space. Whoever thought up having coasters as "business cards" for the studio is a genius. They're so cool I can't bear to actually use them!