Wake Up Yoga (4.30.2016) In Being, You Belong

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I made a recording of Wake Up Yoga (subbing for Richell) at Jai Dee on April 30th 2016. This was a 75 minute class with a kickin' playlist (spotify & 8tracks).

I opened and closed the class with a poem written my my dear friend Sara Ness. It was difficult to read it aloud (her words are powerful), but that's exactly why I chose it to open and close the class.

Here is her poem in its entirety:

When was the last time someone saw you?
Or cared enough to try?
Has anyone looked past your guards
Or held you as you cried?
How often do you feel you matter?
Safe to show your heart?
Free to tell your truth,
be "too much", or fall apart?
Have you ever felt true love
with strangers you just met?
And what if we can all be here
with nowhere else to get?
You think that you aren't perfect
I plan to prove you wrong.
Come sit with us just as you are - 
In being, you belong.
-Sara Ness

The audio recording of this class can be found on mixcloud and bandcamp!