Baptiste Level Two - 2017 Phoenicia NY

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Photo via Flickr @marcomagrini
Scouring the internet for coverage of past Baptiste Level Two experiences has uncovered only a few bits of insight. There were two other blog posts that I found, but those websites have gone belly up!

Here are the blog posts that I've been able to find: one, two, three, four.

In short, I know there will be meditation, asana, teaching, singing and a magic carpet ride (I'll figure out what that is soon enough!).

Things I learned from my Level One experiences at Menla last year:
  • The battery powered fan and extension cord were a lifesaver
  • I really only needed to bring one yoga block
  • A soft sided/silicone ice tray was something essential but I'd overlooked!
  • I didn't end up using the mat snaps or all the yoga mat towels I brought (I'll only bring two mat towels this time)
  • Menla provides hand towels for us to use during practice (didn't need the ones I brought)
  • This time I'll use Nescafe espresso sticks instead of the coffee maker (it was a long walk to the cabin/coffee maker!)
  • A clothesline would've come in handy, I'm bringing one this time.
Looking back on the pictures I took at Level One, it is clear that my focus was on uncovering the unknowns about the facilities and lodging at Menla. This time I'll be focusing my attention on the people who are present now that I know what to expect from my Level One experience.

Counting down!