Apprenticing a Baptiste Yoga Training Program

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Photo Aug 11, 8 18 28 AM

Soon I will be making my way back to Menla for a third visit! This time around I will have the extreme pleasure of apprenticing the 2018 Baptiste Level One Training. Just two short years ago, I was attending my first Level One training, now I'm going back in co-creation of the program as a team member and as a participant in the development of my own leadership.

Once again, I'm nervous about packing even though this is my third trip to Menla. This time I'll be flying to Albany out of St. Louis and I won't have the luxury of unpacking after a work trip and packing fresh for a trip to Menla. I know, I know, it's a small thing all in all.

I'm back to Menla, but into the unknown. Familiar surroundings, some familiar faces, but an all new experience. I know I will come back home re-energized and full of post-training Baptiste magic. I'm so excited!!

I am confident that very soon, other Tampa area yogis will be going off to their first Baptiste trainings and coming home ready to give back their fresh energy into the local yoga community. It's a beautiful thing and I'm very excited to be a part of it.