You Want Baptiste Yoga? You've Got Baptiste Yoga!

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These are the days of choice. Choosing to get on your mat, choosing to show up for yourself, for your community.

There are many studios or teachers who are offering free or donation based live Zoom yoga classes online any given day of the week. This list is by no means complete and will certainly change from week to week, but this is a pin in the bulletin board of now.

These studios and teachers teach from the Baptiste methodology and the practice may resemble the Journey Into Power sequence (or maybe not!).

All Y'All Yoga
Sat 12-1:30 EST Donation/Beginners

Leandra Antonutti - Free
Fri 9-9:30a EST
Sun 11-12p EST
Mon 11:30-12p EST
Thur 5-5:30 EST 

Bethany Lyons - Donation Based/Free LYONS DEN NYC
M-F 5-6p EST
Sun 12-1:30p EST 

Baptiste Power Yoga with Austin Kapetanakis - Donation Based/Free
Tues. 8:00 PM EST - 30 Min Meditation Session
Wed 12:00 PM EST - 45 Min Power Flow
Thur 7:15 PM EST - 75 Min Power Flow
Fri 9:00 AM EST - 60 Min Power Flow

Brandon Sommers - Free
Daily 10:30a EST (zoom link) 30 min

Alisa Van Cleef - Free
Tues & Thur 2pm EST (zoom link) 30 min

Warrior One -  Orlando - Free Zoom classes
So many daily free options! Check the schedule

Power Yoga Canada - Free
Sun 11-12p EST - Kinndli McCollum

Baptiste Power Yoga Indianapolis - Donation Based
Sun 9:30-10:45a EST - Donation Power + Meditation 75

Baptiste Power Yoga Capitol District
Sat 4-5p EST - Free

Baptiste Power Yoga St. Louis - Free
Thur 11:30a EST (starts June 25th)

NYC Yoga Project - Donation Based
Several classes a day, 7 days a week

5 Boro Power Yoga - Free
Mon 7-8:30pm EST Beginners
Tues 5:30-6:30p EST
Thur 5:30-6:30p EST
Sat 7:15-8:15p EST Yoga for Recovery
Sun 9-10a EST

Anjali Power Yoga Philly - Free
Sun 12-1pm EST

I'm putting the classes I'm taking on my Jen Tech Yoga calendar & you can see them in the calendar widget at the top of every page. Look for [TAKING] in big letters. See you on the mat! <3 p="">