Packing List for Baptiste Training at Asilomar

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Packing for Asilomar

If there's anything else you'll need, you'll get an email from the Baptiste Institute in the weeks preceding the program. This email will have links to your information packets, the JIP sequencing cards and the True North Alignment cues as well as a packing list. For Level Three, I did not receive the JIP sequencing cards and True North Alignment cue cards links in the information packet.

I didn't need a flashlight on the Asilomar grounds. The grounds were well lit at night, paved sidewalks leading everywhere. I was glad to have a flashlight when I wandered down to the beach after dark.

I didn't end up using my collapsible tripod or DIY clothes dryer contraption but the clothesline and commando hooks turned the wall by my bed into a clothes drying station. Asilomar was a more public, upscale venue than Menla and I didn't feel right hanging my clothesline outside our room. 😳

All in all, even I was over packed for Asilomar. I had a pair of leggings and three pairs of lounge pants I never used. I wish I had brought softer shoes. I was anticipating cold, rain and the potential for mud. There was no mud to be found at Asilomar. Tidy sidewalks, paved streets are found throughout the property. I supposed I could have consulted a Google Earth aerial view of the property and found this out ahead of time, but I didn't get around to that. The shoes I brought were ill suited to being barefoot in them for a week. The white noise generator was a life saver. When I turned it off to pack it up, I could clearly hear everything the group was saying through the shared wall to the cabin next to us (in Forest Lodge).