Packing for Baptiste Level One - Menla 2016

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There are only 14 days left before I get on a plane and head to Baptiste Level One training at the Menla Mountain Retreat in Phoenicia, NY.

I have overthought every thing that can be overthought.

Prepared for every potentiality and packed the bare essentials. 

Required items are a yoga mat, block(s) and a strap, and enough yoga clothing for 12 changes (2 per day). The full list of recommended things to bring is thankfully provided by the Baptiste organization.

How to fit all of these items into a carry-on suitcase is another thing all together. Luckily, I have my trusty Halliburton Zeroller and it has a ton of space. The connecting flight to Albany will likely require me to plane side check my suitcase (it'll be a small commuter plane). My mat in the yoga bag will be my other carry on item, and that means I can't bring my backpack! My flight schedule doesn't allow enough time to wait at baggage claim to pickup my suitcase (that would burn 30 minutes) and get to Menla on time, so it's carry-on only for me.

My suitcase is packed and ready to go and here's the list of what I'm packing:

Assorted Ultima Replenisher packets
1 cotton net tote bag

The other half of my suitcase has room enough for:
non liquid toiletries
hairbrush/hair ties
mesh tote bag (for carrying shampoo/hairbrush/soap to the showers)
6 yoga yoga bra tops
6 tank tops
1 combo yoga bra/top
1 swimsuit
1 nightgown/long shirt
1 lounge pants
1 long sleeve cover up top
7 yoga leggings
2 cotton hand towels

I hope that I've thought of everything but I'm sure there's something I've forgotten. I did recently order some tea tree towelette/wipes to clean my mat/face with as well as a battery powered rechargeable fan for the nightstand (assuming there is a night stand in the bunkhouse).

Stepping into the unknown is easier to do if I've had ample time to pack and prepare. I'm confident that I'm as prepared as I can hope to be!