My Journey as a Yoga Teacher

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Each of these links represents a major milestone in my progress towards becoming a yoga teacher, learning hands-on assisting, attending Baptiste Programs, receiving constructive feedback, putting feedback into action and becoming a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher. I'm now tracking my progress towards Tier Two Baptiste Certification in the upcoming year(s).

Introspection, Basic Truths and Transformation
Teaching Yoga is Unlike Anything I've Ever Done
The More You Sequence a Class, the Less You Rely on Pictograms (2016)

Journey Into Power Sequence - All Poses and Transitions
Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology
Baptiste Power Yoga - True North Alignment
Baptiste Power Yoga - Eight Universal Principles of Stepping Up to the Edge

Level One Program - Through the Eye of the Storm and Back Again
My teaching changed drastically after attending Level One Program! No more pictograms, no more wondering if the sequence was long enough. I began teaching from Journey Into Power off the mat.
Art of Assisting
What is Baptiste Yoga and Why Should I Care?
Level Two Program - Packing, Prepping
Level Two Program - One OF Many
Baptiste Certification Process Under Way
Baptiste Tier 1 Certification Feedback Process (as of 2017)
The Challenge to Reach Beyond Your Default Language
Certification Unlocked!

Apprenticing a Baptiste Program (Level One - Menla 2018)
Apprenticeship Complete!
Thoughts from Behind the Tech Desk
Level Three Program - Beyond Borders
Level Three Program - From ME to WE

- pursuing Tier Two Certification - 


Baptiste Yoga Tier 2 Certification - Dedication and Achievement 


Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being 7 Part Yoga Book Study

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I picked this book up on a whim, based on the author being Martin E.P. Seligman and it is a fantastic book. I've turned it into a seven part yoga book study for the month of January 2019.

Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being by Martin E.P. Seligman

"A compelling view of a positive human future, for individuals, corporations, and nations, brilliantly told." -- Tony Hsieh author of "Delivering Happiness" and CEO of, Inc.

1. What is Well Being?
2. Creating Your Happiness - Positive Psychology Exercises That Work
3. The Dirty Little Secret of Drugs and Therapy
4. Teaching Well-Being: The Magic of MAPP
5. GRIT, Character and Achievement: A New Theory of Intelligence
6. Positive Physical Health: The Biology of Optimism
7. The Politics and Economics of Well-Being  Ikigai

Each date we'll delve deeper into the components of this book as we move through asana.

8 Universal Principles of Stepping Up To The Edge

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Photo by Harry Burk on Unsplash

1. We are either now here or nowhere
2. Be in the now and you'll know how
3. Growth is the most important thing there is
4. Exceed yourself to find your exceeding self
5. In order to heal, you need to feel
6. Think less, be more
7. We are the sum total of our reactions
8. Don't try hard, try easy
      - From Journey Into Power by Baron Baptiste

Many years ago, I got my start as an IT consultant at a company called Coleman Technologies. I remember being impressed by their founder's father's lists of Rules and Laws that were printed on the back of everyone's business cards. Short, simple words to live by. I was reminded of this list of rules and laws when I recently re-reading  Journey Into Power. Jeff Coleman's Law 16: Grow or Die is akin to Baron Baptiste's principle #3: Growth is the most important thing there is.

Growth of any kind, regardless of the measure, is progress. Look for ways in which you can stretch yourself, be a little nervous and step forward into your own greatness. We each get one shot at this life, be up to something bigger than yourself while you are here, and have the opportunity.