Baptiste Yoga Tier 2 Certification - Dedication and Achievement

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It all happened so quickly, I didn't even write about it as I was applying to level up to Tier 2! I'd been checking the Baptiste Yoga website to see what the guidelines were going to be to apply for Tier Two certification and the guidelines had changed at least three times since I'd made notes about what was needed for me to do before I could apply. 

The website showed different requirements than the application form did. The website description said 102 hours of additional approved coursework is required to reach a total of 300 hours, but the three listed requirements total 398 hours already. Previously the website had listed 250 hours as the requirement for approved coursework (according to the notes I took about a month ago).

When I clicked into the application form, it says 500 additional hours of classroom teaching are required and the website description says 100 hours of classroom teaching are required. The application form also lists a prerequisite of a CPR certification, which the website description doesn't list as a requirement.

So with all that being said, at the time I applied for Tier 2 certification - I had attended/completed the following programs:

> Tier 1: 200 hour Certified Baptiste Teacher | 258 hours* 
> Level Three: Beyond Borders | 125 hours
> Advanced Art of Assisting | 15 hours
> + 102 hours of additional approved coursework to reach a total of 300 hours
> + 1 year or 100 hours of teaching as a Tier 1: 200 hour Certified Baptiste Teacher
> Apprentice A Week Long Program | 120 hours

My hour count was 518 hours plus 170 hours of teaching since achieving Tier One certification.

So I applied on February 1st and waited. On March 6th I received the email indicating my next steps. I was already current on my dues payment for Tier 1 so the only hurdle I had to clear was the new Certification Development Program Exam for 2019. The exam is online, 22 questions (fill in the blank, multiple choice and True/False) and a passing score is 80% or better. I passed with 81% missing 3 questions and getting a partial credit on one question. After taking the exam I updated my blog posts with the verbiage for 2019 as it was a little different than what I'd had in my notes from years past.

I'm happy to announce that I've successfully leveled-up to Tier 2 Certribution Status! This doesn't mean that my teaching has changed or anything like that - it simply means that I've gathered enough training hours with the Baptiste Institute to move into the next teaching tier and this also means that I'm now listed as a 500RYT with the Yoga Alliance. To level up into Tier 3, attending the Fit To Lead program is the prerequisite. Fit To Lead requires a pretty big time investment and it isn't something I can fit into my vacation schedule for 2019 or 2020, so I'll be looking towards 2021 as the year when I might enroll in Fit To Lead. We'll see how it goes... It seems like a long way away right now, but it's really a lot closer than I realize.