The more you plan a sequence, the less you rely on pictograms.

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The more you plan a sequence, the less you rely on pictograms.

I've put together only eight asana sequences to date and with each one the timing of the flow has gotten easier and more intuitive.

I took a long time to plan my first sequence, nervous about timing I created a spreadsheet that would help me calculate how long the flow would be as I planned it out pose by pose. I wrote all about it on my other blog in case you're curious.

Now it seems that re-working a previous asana sequence is simpler. By changing a few poses of the flow and how the class begins and ends, I can ensure that any returning students aren't going to get the exact same sequence.

It will be interesting to go back to my beginnings in several months or years and see how I agonized over the timing of songs in a playlist or even the need to write out the full sequence plan and have it with me when teaching.

I turned the donations from last week into 12 big yoga blocks! Come practice at @kaleisiatea this Sunday at 11am! #Communitea #yoga #sundayasana #kaleisiatealounge Link to the series in my profile!

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A Fresh Start for 2016 45 Minute Power Vinyasa Sequence

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Today I had the pleasure of teaching to over thirty yogis at Lululemon Athletica in Tampa's Hyde Park Village. It was both exhilarating and terrifying but I made it through my planned sequence and ended on time. 

It was a fantastic experience to lead a group of that size through a yoga practice! I did forget to do side plank on the left side however... ha ha!

I recorded the sequence (uploaded to bandcamp & mixcloud), the playlist is on Spotify & 8tracks and the visual for the sequence is also on Pinterest as well as attached to this blog entry.

Throughout the month of January, this Lululemon location has free yoga on every Sunday. Their Facebook page for the event has all the details. Location: 727 South Dakota Avenue, Tampa FL 33606 (813) 251-2640  

Lululemon Athletica Tampa FL (Hyde Park Village) 1/3/2016 Free in-store Yoga Class!

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I'm pleased to announce that I'll be teaching the first in-store yoga class at Lululemon Athletica in Tampa's Hyde Park Village!

Class starts at 10 am on January 3rd - come one, come all! Get your asana on for free!

727 South Dakota Avenue Tampa 33606 (813) 251-2640  

I've got my asana sequence planned and my playlist ready (available on Spotify & 8tracks!) so be there and flow with me Sunday January 3rd!

The Facebook page for the Lululemon event series can be found here.