Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga - True North Alignment

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Verbal cues taught during Level One 2016 at Menla

Feet on 12 o'clock
Lift the 10 toes
Spread the 10 toes
Press the mound of each big toe down
Press the center of each heel down
Lift up
Turn the inner ankles back
Pull the leg muscles into the bones
Pull the outer shins in
Lift the front of the pelvis up towards the belly button
Pull the pit of the belly into the spine
Pull the shoulders up to your ears * (updated July 2019)
Pull the sides of the body up to the ears *
Expand out across the chest and upper back
Pull the shoulders straight back
Press the thoracic spine into the chest

True North Alignment verbal cues taught during Level Two 2017 at Menla
1. Ground down like EARTH
  • Both feet face 12 o'clock
  • Ground down the 4 corners of the feet
  • Stretch the toes out on the mat
Inner ankles back, outer ankles down
Outer shins in
From the skin to the muscle to the bone, hug in

2. Flow like WATER
  •  Soften the joints
  • Keep the pelvis neutral;
  • Lift the front of the pelvis as the tailbone descends
3. Build an inner FIRE
  • From the skin to the muscle to the bone, hug in
  • Pull the pit of the belly in and up
  • Draw the front ribs together, expand the mid-back
  • Expand from the inside out
4. Soften like AIR
  • Thoracic spine draws in;
  • Upper arm bones back
  • Shoulder blades move towards the spine & press into the body
  • Expand from the inside out (updated for 2018 methodology)
5. Create SPACE for something new
Draw in to create full expression out!


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Awesome, I love the uniformity. I just finished 200hrs Teachers training with Gina here in Nigeria and oh yes, it was an awesome experience