Finding Singing Bowls In Unexpected Places

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Several months back I did a lot of digging on the Internet, trying to find reasonable prices for crystal singing bowls (the cost for an 8 inch crystal bowl starts around $70 and goes up from there!).

I stumbled across a video by YouTube user Naddycat which he posted over 6 years ago, about his discovery of a Nordic Ware Mini Bundt pan giving off a pleasant sound when struck with a finger/knuckle. Well, I bought my own Nordic Ware Mini Bundt pan off of eBay and I can tell you it does sound amazing with a knuckle but it is even better with a gong mallet (or probably any kind of mallet).

Taking the idea of a bundt pan making a nice sound to the next level, I was at a local thrift store recently and found another polished aluminum bowl which made a nice sound too. Here's a little video to show you a random sampling of things you might find at a thrift store which make a pleasant sound. I highly encourage you to go to your nearby thrift stores and find the common everyday objects that sound good to your ears!

I use the Nordic Ware Mini Bundt pan to bring my yoga students out of savasana with its lovely dulcet tones :) I like that the bundt pan is unbreakable, sounds awesome and I can also use it to bake delicious cakes! Multipurpose FTW. Oh, and it was $20 (including shipping!) - you can't beat that!!!


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