emPOWER Hour - Embrace the Roller Coaster of Life

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My first teaching opportunity was for a 60 minute emPOWER Hour class. Here is the asana sequence and the play list for the class as well as an audio recording of the class.

I hope this is helpful to others who are practicing at home, or for other yoga teachers in training.

I blogged about this first class I taught, but linking to all of the supporting documentation is more relevant to this site. 

Audio file on bandcamp and mixcloud.

8tracks music playlist

This is the spreadsheet I made to figure out how long the class would end up being (and so I could edit it accordingly). 

The reading was from Melody Beattie's Journey to the Heart for October 16th - Go for the Ride of Your Life
Sometimes things happen. Things we didn't expect. Things we didn't plan on. An event occurs that changes our life dramatically. The event may be good or bad, desirable or undesirable, fortunate or unfortunate. No matter how we describe it, its impact is the same. We step off our usual path and go for a roller coaster ride.
You may have begun a time of deep transformation, a journey chosen by your soul. Feel all you need to feel. Allow your thoughts to flow. Let your body shift as you go through the curves. Let yourself be transformed. Enjoy the ride, the entire experience, with all its twists and curves. Scream in fear. Cry out in joy. Laugh aloud with glee.