Baptiste Power Yoga Silicon Valley - Palo Alto CA

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In Silicon Valley for a business trip - and the new Baptiste Power Yoga Silicon Valley was open for business so I drove well out of my way from Milpitas to see their studio and take in a practice. The orange mural on the front facing wall is simply gorgeous! I asked about it and apparently the mural was done by the same artist that painted the studio at Baptiste Power Yoga in San Francisco.

The class was fantastic and I love that the studio doesn't list who the teacher is that is leading each class - instead they just encourage you to come to class and take your Journey Into Power. Love that concept! The floor is a padded type floor with a wood grain design (it's really beautiful!) and there is lots of parking. They're right next to an Orange Theory Fitness and undoubtedly they will get some spillover from the OTF student population. Again I was surprised to find a friend of mine from many trainings was there as a student in the same class I was taking (small world). It was great to see Kimberly unexpectedly. Community = Baptiste Yoga