Creating Space

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Part of the process towards achieving Baptiste certification is teaching. The prerequisite before applying for certification is to teach 100 classes. This equals out to be two classes a week for a year which is quite difficult to do while maintaining a day job which requires sporadic and unpredictable travel. It is for this reason that I decided to transform a room in our home into a space for others to practice and where I can easily get more experience in teaching.

The room is 10 x 14, has hardwood floors and lots of windows (not a plus in winter or for handstand practice!) but is easily separated from the rest of the house by the floor to ceiling curtain I created. I am currently researching whole room heaters that will allow me to gently warm to the room to 90 (if possible). The space presents challenges with the plethora of windows and the fabric curtain separating the room from our kitchen. I'm confident that I can find a solution to work within these confines to create a pleasant, useable space for yogis.

Stay tuned for what I find out with regard to space heaters/humidifiers.